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About Quad Geometrics

Quad Geometrics Norway was established 2013, based on nearly two decades of experience within Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Equinor. The company has since developed to a world-wide service provider supplying oil&gas and other sectors.
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High-precision gravity & height measurements

Who we are - In brief

We are a small and dedicated team specialising in the technology of high-precision gravity and height measurements for a wide range of subsurface applications. From our base in Trondheim, Norway we provide services around the world. This can be either field measurements, data analysis or full project responsibility.

Major provider of surface gravity & subsidence monitoring world-wide

Our vision

Our vision is to be a major provider of surface gravity and subsidence monitoring technology world-wide, for many applications including better reservoir management of gas fields, geothermal reservoirs, aquifers and geotechnical challenges. Quad will engage in the entire value chain from feasibility studies and planning to final data delivery and interpretations. More informed decisions based on high-quality data will help utilize the limited resources on planet earth in a better and more sustainable way.

Quad’s goal is to generate the highest quality surveys, processed results and interpretations for the benefit of a wide range of customers.

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The story behind Quad Geometrics

Since the idea and concept of offshore gravity monitoring for gas fields was conceived 1996, the persons behind Quad Geometrics have developed the technology and carried through 28 surveys onshore and offshore. Gravity reprocessing projects, feasibility studies and interpretations add to this. Highlights are summarised here.

Picture of Troll-A gas field in Norway.
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Measuring, processing and analysing

Quad Geometrics

Quad Geometrics is a company specialising in measuring, processing and analysing high-precision surface gravity data onshore and offshore. We also measure seafloor height.

Quad Geometrics holds office in Trondheim, Norway. We offer services across the value chain, world-wide. The company, our products and services are explained at this web-site.

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